Monday, January 23, 2012


Items Needed to Assemble Game:

18 Count Egg Carton

2 Random Objects (Beads, Buttons etc…)

Counters (Counting Bears, Unfix Cubes, etc.…)


Using a permanent marker number the bottom of the egg carton holes alternating numbers 1-5 (or any numbers suitable for your students)

Because the lid of my egg carton had holes in it, I taped plastic wrap to the top so my random items would not fall out when shaken.

Object of Game:

Students will learn to recognize numbers count out objects to match numbers and add numbers together.

How to Play:

Put two small random items in egg carton and close the lid. Have student shake the egg carton around so the two items can land in various slots. Have students identify the numbers that the “beads” landed in and the proper amount of “counters” to match the numbers the beads landed on.

Example: If one bead lands on a two, count out two unfix cubes and the next bead landed on a 3, count out three unfix cubes than say, “2 cubes plus 3 cubes equal how many cubes? Let’s count them together.”

Another wonderful idea inspired by Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle. Head on over to her blog to see more wonderful ideas she does with her students!!!


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