Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions:


More God time through prayer and devotions

Spend more time with my kids and grandkids

Date nights with my husband

Simplify my life by organizing the chaos

Making healthier choices for eating and exercising

Continue to strive to become debt free

Journal all that I am Thankful for on a daily bases


Be the best teacher I can possibly be

Listen to TBTS and implement it

Start creating my ideas for TPT

Set Goals for TEEA TIME’S growth


This Linky Party is from Tammy at Live, Love. Laugh Everyday! Check out her blog too!!!


Please be a part of our 2012 Special Compassion Project that Teea Time Playschool is participating in.

Many of you may have already heard about a young mom in our community who has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Her name is Tabitha and she is around 30 years old and has a baby girl that was born in September. There are many fundraisers happening in our community for Tabitha, but we have been asked to provide something, and I thought basket(s) to auction off would be a good idea for the Auction on February 11th, all proceeds will go to help Tabitha and her family with medical expenses, and I am honored that we were asked to be a part of this event and for the opportunity to help our Teea Timer’s make a difference in the lives of others and we would be honored if you joined us!

We are looking for educational items that suits Pre-K thru 1st Grade age groups, but we will happily accept items or baskets for any age group to be auctioned off.

It is my desire that my students would not only participate in buying something for the baskets, but they would ask others to, (grandparents, friends, neighbors & relatives) donate as well!

I would like to see everyone bring at least one book, but more would be wonderful with 1 or 2 other items depending on price of items chosen. Please be generous and show your child/students what it means to have a giving heart.

See a list of suggested items below:

Books (These can be ordered through Scholastics!!!)

Color Crayons

Washable Markers

Finger Paint/Paper

Construction Paper


Colored Pencils

Glue Sticks

Leap Frog DVD

Sid the Science Kid DVD

Coloring Books

Math Flash Cards

Alphabet Flash Cards

Magna Doodle

Small Chalk Board/Chalk

Anything made by “Leap Frog”

Games such as:


Candy Land

Chutes and Ladders

Hi Ho Cherry O

Go Fish

Old Maid

Family DVD’s

Anything that I am not thinking of!!!

Again please be generous, include others and most importantly use this as a life lesson for your child/students.

I am asking you to have items turned in by January 19th so I have plenty of time to pull it all together. If this is not enough time, just let me know.

If you want to put something on your Facebook (wonderful way to get the word out) or E-mail to family and friends they are welcome to drop off items on our front porch at any time! Items can also be shipped from out of town to 380 North Adams St. Montesano, WA 98563. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone: 360-249-5112

Thank you for your generosity,

Kelly Gardner Teea Time Playschool

Friday, December 16, 2011


Signs pointing the way to the Polar Express Train, Santa's Workshop, The Elves Den & Winter Wonderland!!!

Loving our Snowman door!!!

Polar Express Tickets Sold Here!!!

Every Polar Express Party must include Hot Coco with Marshmellows!!!!


Are you serious?! That's the REAL SANTA at our school!!!!







Our activity bag is a very simple project for you to mainly review with your child the letters and numbers we have covered so far this year. If your child is a Pre-Kindergarten student this is mostly for you to see where your child is at and what letters you need to work on at home as we continue to review at school too.

The sounds the letters make are taught simultaneously so in February we can begin to put the sounds together and begin the reading process.

Directions: Give your child the Santa Train Engine and let them build the train by adding the train cars as they recognize the letters and tell you what the letter sound is. Talk about different words that begin with that letter and emphasize the beginning sound the letter makes in each word. (Refer back to the December newsletter for other ideas and activities you can do with your child to help them remember the letters they are learning.

Don’t forget to review their numbers too by adding them to their Santa Train!!!
Activity Bags and content are to be returned to Teea Time Playschool after Christmas break, but  if you are interested in making your own Santa Express Train check out the link below by Angela Bergman

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Teea Timers were pleasantly surprised today as they heard the sound of jingling bells in the distant and as their little ears tuned in, the sound became louder and louder until someone’s little eye spied a little ol’ man in a red suit coming into our play yard!!! YES, it was Santa! He was here! At our school!!!

The kids were in awe and so amazed that some of them didn’t even know what to say!!! But each one managed to find their words to let Santa know how hard they were trying to be “NICE”!!!

They each got to share with him what they wanted for Christmas and he blessed them with a candy cane filled with red and green M&M’s before he went on his way!!!



Once a month we have Ms. Carol, our Story Lady come to our school and she reads books to us, does finger plays, felt stories and shows us how much fun reading can be!!! Ms. Carol also has her "pet dog," Scruffers with her and this brings a very fun element of learning with imagination to my students!!!
Having Ms. Carol come and visit is exciting for the kids as special guest are so much fun, and it gives me inspiration as a teacher and a much needed break for 20 minutes to just sit, listen and watch my students laugh, interact and respond in a positive way!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


This week Teea Timer's sampled Chocolate, Strawberry and White milk and we recorded the data on our charts and we had a wonderful milkilicious time doing it too!!!
I got all the data sheets and graphs from Teachers Pay Teachers and this made it very simple, and Deanna Jump did an awesome job putting all this adorable curriculum together!!! I am finding out how muchTeachers Pay Teachers makes life so much easier for me!!!

After tasting and recording our class favorites the students took forms home to do a little "family/friends survey" to see what type of milk they liked the best too! As the students bring their "homework" back, we record the data and we will determine which flavor get the most and least votes!!!

Here is what one of my parents had to say about the assignment: I LOVED the milk school project. It was amazing to see how Nolan wrote the names of everyone he asked about their favorite kind of milk. We wrirte things but to see that list of names was awesome! We were so impressed!!! Thanks for everything you do for him :-)

This project was fun, tasty and simple as we did some "preschool" math and envolved family and friends as well!!!

AND THE WINNER IS.............


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bananagrams Rock At Teea Time!!!

 BANANAGRAM'S...what can I say! I love them! Anytime I want to de-stress I will play the game all by myself (a little banana-solitaire). Love playing the game with my family, but mostly I love BANANAGRAM'S in my preschool!!!

So I put the Bananagram’s on the table at the beginning of class with the student name tags on the table. They were instructed to find their name tag first and then they were ready to go on a “Letter Hunt” and find the letters in their own name. It was fun to watch and as the kids were hunting for a certain letter in their name and “accidently” ran across a different letter, recognizing that it belonged in their name too, it became somewhat of a puzzle being put together and they were thrilled with the end results. The best part was when they began to sound out some of the letters and put other words together too. One of my students exclaimed. “Teacher Kelly I spelled ‘MAT’….Look, look!!!”

Bananagrams will be readily accessible at all times for my Teea Timer’s to “play” with ;)

What a fabulous STOCKING STUFFER!!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pilgrim Puzzles & Props For Telling The First Thanksgiving Story!!!

I spent the time cutting all the parts for our little pilgrim girl's and boy's this last week and it was alot of work, but it was fun watching the kids put them together like a puzzle. I had examples of how they are put together and my students step by step formed their little people with glue sticks and crayons in hand and than added their own personal touches to each pilgrim!
I had enough for each child to make one boy pilgrim, one girl pilgrim and one Mayflower ship too. They could pick and choose what they wanted and much to my surprise many of the children did one of each.
I told them the story of the first Thanksgiving and that had a great time retelling me the story as they used their art for props!
We ended our day with a special Thanksgiving sweet treat made with a cookie and a miniture Reeces Peanutbutter cup that formed our pilgrim hats!! (Thank you Pinterest)

I Am Thankful For...

Just thought I would share what my little pilgrims said they were thankful for!!

I Am Thankful For…

Kayla~ I am Thankful for my Kitty Cat!

Jackson~ I am Thankful for Mom and Dad are nice to me and give me lots of toys!

Olivia ~ I am thankful for my house!

Nolan ~ I am thankful for lots of toys!

Donny ~ I am thankful for my puppy...a real one of my own!

Alexis ~ I am thankful for my Barbie’s and for the Earth!

Samantha ~ I am thankful for my Mommy and Daddy!

Ava ~ I am thankful for my horsey’s!

Mayah ~ I am thankful for roads!

Alisyn ~ I am thankful for my toys people gave me!

Kennedy~ I am thankful for my big brother and little brother!

Kylee ~ I am thankful for my little brother!

Josie ~ I am thankful for Santa Claus giving me toys!

Rochelle ~ I am thankful for grapes!


Our Block Creations...

So I found these wonderful foam blocks at the Dollar Tree and they are awesome! You get 50 blocks in the bag for a buck and I think the ideas will be endless to use them! I did not have time to come up with an idea on the spur of the moment, but I poured the blocks into the middle of the table and watched my students imaginations come to life.
It was exciting to see the many different patterns that were formed, sorting the different colors, the towers and walls that were built and the alphabet taking colorful shapes!!!

I am looking forward to many projects with cute little cubes!!!


Oh my goodness we had so much fun with Chief Vance when he came to spend some time with our Teea Timer's!
Chief covered 4 very important areas with the students which included:
1. Calling 911 in case of an emergency
2. Wearing a helmet when you ride a bike, skateboard or scooter, oh a horse too which was added by our very own Ava!!
3. Buckeling up in the car
4. Stranger Danger
The kids were very knowledgable and VERY FUNNY with some of their responses!

So one of the best parts of the day was when one of the students asked if the police ever get to "Dust for fingerprints" and Chief Vance graciously went and got the kit out of his car and we DUSTED FOR FINGERPRINTS....So much fun!! It was a little messy, but we like messy at Teea Time! It was like MAGIC!!! The best part about it was that all the children dusted for their own print and it was lifted on tape and placed on a card for them to take home!!!

Thank you Montesano Police Department!!!Teea Time recognizes the need to build positive relationships between our students and those who are in law enforcement. Thanks for being our friends and protecting our community!!! Thank you for the goodie bags too!!