Monday, October 29, 2012


We made tambourines in our art center and tested them out when Music Man (aka: Doug George) came to sing with us! He played
his guitar as we rocked out with our tambourines and sang songs together!

Simple instructions:
1. We colored two paper plates with markers, but you can use
crayons, colored pencils or if you are really brave… paint, and made all sorts of pictures and designs on both sides.

2. We used dried pasta to put in between the two plates and stapled all around the edges so our tambourines would shake and make noise along with some pretty ribbon for a tail just for fun!
Other things can be used to fill the instruments for different sound effects, such as rice, beans, beads or bells!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Educating TEEA Time students this year on the importance of moving and healthy eating habits has been a priority that not only establishes lifelong habits, but also gets the blood pumping, oxygen flowing and
their little brains functioning better for a maximum learning experience!

Kelley Dalan from Montesano Fitness and TEEA Time Preschool Mommy is
our coach and she makes moving and learning a lot of fun, which is the key to
success in the whole “Mighty Movers” experience!!!

One of their favorite stretches as they shout out the moves:

"Basketball Hoop, sunshine, butterfly down!"


They love punching, kicking, and tumbling too!


Kellie shows a chart of what their muscles look like under their skin and each month they learn about a new muscle!

They love to do jumping jacks, sit~ups, run in place, dance, chase balls, jump through hoops, over tubes & pretend they are wild animals!!!

Thank you Kellie Dalan for bringing Mighty Mover’s to TEEA Time!!!







A different kind of “Community Helper” came to TEEA Time Preschool!!!

Enno the German Shepherd Police dog was very sweet and the kids had

a lot of fun meeting, petting and learning about his job at the Hoquiam Police

Enno’s partner, Sergeant Salstrom showed us Enno’s badge and his

uniform that he wears when he is working.

We also got to see the police car that Enno’s rides in with the flashing lights

and sirens!
Sitting in the driver’s seat of the police car helped us imagine what

it would be like to be a police officer too!

Thank you Sergeant Salstrom and Enno for coming to TEEA Time Preschool!




Fire Prevention Week at TEEA Time!!

I always enjoy fire prevention week at preschool! It is always fun
for my students to go to the fire hall and sit in the mega big fire trucks,
and climb into the ambulance and see all the things that the EMS
teams use to help people & save lives!!!


We started the week out with our fun sensory bin filled with miniature
Firemen, crate paper that they pretended was fire and some
puppet firemen, ambulances & fire trucks on sticks. (I had the paper
ones from years ago from the Mailbox Magazine)

We talked a lot about “What’s Hot & What’s Not” in class before we
went to the fire department, which included a coffee cup, matches, a
flashlight, an iron, a ball etc… they gave a thumbs up for things that
could be “hot” and burn us and thumbs down for things that are
safe to touch without an adult with us.

At the department Chief Rux talked to us about Stop, drop and roll,

calling 911, and Get Low & Go, which was practicing how to crawl
when the room is smoky. We pretended a white sheet was the smoke as
the students crawled low to the ground to get to a safe place.

As Chief Rux put on his fire gear we heard all the bells and whistles that go off and seen that the guy under the mask was still a firefighter coming to help us and that we did not need to be afraid or hide from him if there was a fire. They loved giving him a friendly high five too!!!


While waiting for the bus to pick us up we played Ring Around the Rosey around the flag pole and A.R. made silly faces at the camera!!!

After getting back to the school we used our imaginations and pretended we were firefighters too! Loved the helmets that Chief Rux gave us!!!






Thursday, October 18, 2012


When I asked my preschoolers this question I had to chuckle as they gave me their answers…“WHAT IS AN EARTHQUAKE?”

B.B said, “I think it might be a potato or maybe a comet!”

J.F. said, “Shaking!”

A.R. said, “The Sun!”

K.R. said, “I think it is the whole wide world!”

A.S. said, “Oh…it’s a monster and I can arrest it!”

K.S. said, “It’s a really big slide that people slide down!”

H.S. said, “It’s a really big star!”

E.D. said, “ It’s the moon and the stars!”


Drop, cover & hold on….TEEA Timer’s joined thousands of Washingtonians today for the Great Washington Shake Out!!!

We talked about what an earthquake was and what to do if there was an earthquake at school and at home too.

We sang, danced and practiced what to do with a great song written by The Hipwaders.
Does your child know what to do at home if there is an earthquake?





Monday, June 25, 2012


Everyone likes a great deal, right?!! Well I found these awesome dry erase boards at Target in the dollar bin area!!!

Perfect and affordable for each of my students to have their own to practice fine motor skills with the dry erase marker that comes with it or using it for rice drawing, bead counting etc...

Get them before they are gone!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


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“Construction Zone Ahead” ~ the blue prints had been submitted to the master builder and storage space has been added!!!

 What is your plan for organization in the classroom?

So summer has finally arrived! I am now trying to figure out how to better organize my classroom. I have a very small space and it gets cluttered very easily as the year goes on and I accumulate more and more “stuff”.
 Can anyone relate to needing more storage area?

 After a whole lot of complaining my wonderful hubby (AKA: Master Builder) decided to help me out and make me some storage units.
 Now we decided the best place to put them would be up high and as close to the ceiling as possible so they would not take up any of my precious wall space! Each cubby fits two nice size storage bins (purchased at Wal-Mart) and I simply label them as I see fit.

You can organize these bins by months, colors, themes, or sensory tub units!!!

Feel free to leave a comment and share some of your storage/organization tips too! Make sure you click on "Join This Site" (right hand side of screen) so you can follow some more organization tips that will be coming soon!!!

I'm A Top Teacher!!!


Saturday, June 9, 2012


My mind is always thinking about fun things to do and create that are simple and inexpensive for my preschool class and also my grandkids. After graduation we left for our vacation to California and I wanted something quick and easy to entertain our 4 year old grandson at the airport, on the plane & in the motel room. I grabbed a plain white pillow case, some markers and away I drew a simple construction site with roads, dirt pile, pond, boulder’s and a workshop. I purchased some small construction equipment from Wal-Mart and presto….for less than $ 5.00 I had the perfect entertainment for an active little guy!!!