Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fire Prevention Week at TEEA Time!!

I always enjoy fire prevention week at preschool! It is always fun
for my students to go to the fire hall and sit in the mega big fire trucks,
and climb into the ambulance and see all the things that the EMS
teams use to help people & save lives!!!


We started the week out with our fun sensory bin filled with miniature
Firemen, crate paper that they pretended was fire and some
puppet firemen, ambulances & fire trucks on sticks. (I had the paper
ones from years ago from the Mailbox Magazine)

We talked a lot about “What’s Hot & What’s Not” in class before we
went to the fire department, which included a coffee cup, matches, a
flashlight, an iron, a ball etc… they gave a thumbs up for things that
could be “hot” and burn us and thumbs down for things that are
safe to touch without an adult with us.

At the department Chief Rux talked to us about Stop, drop and roll,

calling 911, and Get Low & Go, which was practicing how to crawl
when the room is smoky. We pretended a white sheet was the smoke as
the students crawled low to the ground to get to a safe place.

As Chief Rux put on his fire gear we heard all the bells and whistles that go off and seen that the guy under the mask was still a firefighter coming to help us and that we did not need to be afraid or hide from him if there was a fire. They loved giving him a friendly high five too!!!


While waiting for the bus to pick us up we played Ring Around the Rosey around the flag pole and A.R. made silly faces at the camera!!!

After getting back to the school we used our imaginations and pretended we were firefighters too! Loved the helmets that Chief Rux gave us!!!







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