Sunday, October 28, 2012


Educating TEEA Time students this year on the importance of moving and healthy eating habits has been a priority that not only establishes lifelong habits, but also gets the blood pumping, oxygen flowing and
their little brains functioning better for a maximum learning experience!

Kelley Dalan from Montesano Fitness and TEEA Time Preschool Mommy is
our coach and she makes moving and learning a lot of fun, which is the key to
success in the whole “Mighty Movers” experience!!!

One of their favorite stretches as they shout out the moves:

"Basketball Hoop, sunshine, butterfly down!"


They love punching, kicking, and tumbling too!


Kellie shows a chart of what their muscles look like under their skin and each month they learn about a new muscle!

They love to do jumping jacks, sit~ups, run in place, dance, chase balls, jump through hoops, over tubes & pretend they are wild animals!!!

Thank you Kellie Dalan for bringing Mighty Mover’s to TEEA Time!!!






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