Sunday, October 23, 2011


What a fun filled day we had going to the Montesano Fire Department for a field trip!!!

We started our trip off with the bus picking us up at the school and Driver Jerry always takes good care of us and makes it a fun time. I think he totally gets a kick out of the kids and it is a wonderful way for us to practice our manners that we have been learning about!

Upon arriving we were greeted by Fireman Greg, Fireman Dean and Fireman Ryan who did an awesome job teaching us about 911, Stop, Drop and Roll, What's Hot and What's Not and Get Low And Go (crawaling in smoke)!!

We got to look at the fire trucks and our favorite one was the ladder truck! We also got to see a Fire truck from the 1920's!!

From there we were able to look at the ambulances and even sat  in one of them!!!

After our tour Fireman Greg gave us goodie bags filled with cool things and we got our own fire hats too!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Country Pumpkin Cuties!

The best time about Autumn for me is the pumpkins! I love the bright orange color's and the fun you can have with them. We are having a grand time with ours by shaping orange play doah into pumpkins, drawing our jack -o-lanterns & pumpkin patches on the chalkboard and the easel's and doing simple crafts to take home and show mom and dad!!!

Mix and Match Shapes!

I love Mix and Make Shapes from Handwriting Without Tears -Preschoolers explore geometry concepts, measurement, and patterns with Mix & Make Shapes. This set uses brightly colored shapes and friendly hands-on activities that invite children to sort, trace, transform, and move basic shapes.

Mix and Match Shapes are used in Teea Time's math program, in the block area and Teea Timer's also love to use them in the "kitchen" area to make pizza's, ice cream cones and many other yummy wonders!!! In the pictures below we added some buttons & milk caps to add to the fun!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fire Prevention Idea

What’s Hot and What’s Not?
So this is an idea that I got from our local Fire Department courtesy of Captain Corey Rux.
What you will need:
Large box to fill with the following items: (Any items will do as long as you include things that are “Hot”)
Coffee Cup
Pot or Pan
Stuffed Animal (Dalmatian dog would be fun!)
Fire Truck
Fire Helmet
As you pull items out of the box your students shout out if it is “Hot” with thumbs up sign or “Not” with thumbs down sign!!!
The kids have a great time shouting out & they learn what they should NOT touch and if they do find something that is “Hot” to tell an adult!

You know you’re a preschool teacher when….

You know you’re a preschool teacher when….

You straighten Dr. Seuss hat’s and circle time mats

You quote nursery rhymes and cherish quite times

You love to sing & you’re a collector of “things”

Egg crates and milk caps, buttons & more, make way for a math lesson in the middle of the floor

Circles, squares and triangles too, no shape is too difficult for you to do

Numbers, letters and symbols galore cover the face of every door

Rainbows of color flourish the walls as you happily fulfill your life’s call

Dollar Tree specials fill your carts with calendar numbers and weather charts

Scissors, glue, glitter and paint, play-dough and other things that make you faint

Cutting and prepping until wee hours of the night so little people can have the best chance to take flight

The highlights of the day is Show & Tell & than Story Time before the bell

But the number one thing that gives you away is the smile on your face at the end of the day!

Written by: Kelly Honea Gardner