Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pilgrim Puzzles & Props For Telling The First Thanksgiving Story!!!

I spent the time cutting all the parts for our little pilgrim girl's and boy's this last week and it was alot of work, but it was fun watching the kids put them together like a puzzle. I had examples of how they are put together and my students step by step formed their little people with glue sticks and crayons in hand and than added their own personal touches to each pilgrim!
I had enough for each child to make one boy pilgrim, one girl pilgrim and one Mayflower ship too. They could pick and choose what they wanted and much to my surprise many of the children did one of each.
I told them the story of the first Thanksgiving and that had a great time retelling me the story as they used their art for props!
We ended our day with a special Thanksgiving sweet treat made with a cookie and a miniture Reeces Peanutbutter cup that formed our pilgrim hats!! (Thank you Pinterest)

I Am Thankful For...

Just thought I would share what my little pilgrims said they were thankful for!!

I Am Thankful For…

Kayla~ I am Thankful for my Kitty Cat!

Jackson~ I am Thankful for Mom and Dad are nice to me and give me lots of toys!

Olivia ~ I am thankful for my house!

Nolan ~ I am thankful for lots of toys!

Donny ~ I am thankful for my puppy...a real one of my own!

Alexis ~ I am thankful for my Barbie’s and for the Earth!

Samantha ~ I am thankful for my Mommy and Daddy!

Ava ~ I am thankful for my horsey’s!

Mayah ~ I am thankful for roads!

Alisyn ~ I am thankful for my toys people gave me!

Kennedy~ I am thankful for my big brother and little brother!

Kylee ~ I am thankful for my little brother!

Josie ~ I am thankful for Santa Claus giving me toys!

Rochelle ~ I am thankful for grapes!


Our Block Creations...

So I found these wonderful foam blocks at the Dollar Tree and they are awesome! You get 50 blocks in the bag for a buck and I think the ideas will be endless to use them! I did not have time to come up with an idea on the spur of the moment, but I poured the blocks into the middle of the table and watched my students imaginations come to life.
It was exciting to see the many different patterns that were formed, sorting the different colors, the towers and walls that were built and the alphabet taking colorful shapes!!!

I am looking forward to many projects with cute little cubes!!!


Oh my goodness we had so much fun with Chief Vance when he came to spend some time with our Teea Timer's!
Chief covered 4 very important areas with the students which included:
1. Calling 911 in case of an emergency
2. Wearing a helmet when you ride a bike, skateboard or scooter, oh a horse too which was added by our very own Ava!!
3. Buckeling up in the car
4. Stranger Danger
The kids were very knowledgable and VERY FUNNY with some of their responses!

So one of the best parts of the day was when one of the students asked if the police ever get to "Dust for fingerprints" and Chief Vance graciously went and got the kit out of his car and we DUSTED FOR FINGERPRINTS....So much fun!! It was a little messy, but we like messy at Teea Time! It was like MAGIC!!! The best part about it was that all the children dusted for their own print and it was lifted on tape and placed on a card for them to take home!!!

Thank you Montesano Police Department!!!Teea Time recognizes the need to build positive relationships between our students and those who are in law enforcement. Thanks for being our friends and protecting our community!!! Thank you for the goodie bags too!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day and Night Craft

This week we have been talking about the differences between day and night and this was a fun simple craft that we did using paper plates.
First I had my students start coloring the center of the plate yellow to represent daytime and than they colored the outer edge of the plate with a dark blue or black to represent the night sky. I than drew a swirl line on the plate for them as a guideline to cut on to make our plates into a mobile that can be hung with a ribbon. Now the students were ready to glue their clouds (aka: cotton balls) on to the daylight area and they stuck golden stars in the night sky area.
They turned out really cute and my students loved how they hung in a "twirley" fashion!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Healthy Snacks and Sweet Treats!!!

So I want to give a HUGE thank you to all my parents who contribute snacks to our parties! We had a wonderful combination of sweet treats and healthy snacks that were fun and tasty too!!!

These are pictures for two different classes!

Thanks to Mom's Dad's and Grandparents who made our parties special!!!

 String Cheese Fingers
Ants on a log
 Bones in a bag
 Yummy Veggies and Dip
 Wormy Cupcakes
 Finger Puppet Fun
 Mummy Dogs
 Spider Cookies
 Candy Bar Necklas' to take home
Spice Cupcakes
 Chex Mex in a Box
Festive Cupcakes

Musical Chairs With a Lesson and a Spin!

We play many games during the school year, but musical chairs seems to be the most requested game by my students. Along with the fun of musical chairs we always have disappointment and tears for those who do not get a chair, so I decided I would do a little spin on this game that would make it different and would be a lesson in "Sportsmenship" too!
I always give a little pep talk about being a good sport and I choose to give "Caught Being Good Coins" at the end of the game as long as everybody has a good attitude!
So how we play the game is that the person who does NOT get a chair when the music stops gets a "Clapper" to clap to the music and cheer for their friends as they continue the game. As more children are eliminated from the cirlce of chairs our clapper team grows bigger and louder and it is a hoot to watch!!!
 The last person who is left with the chair does a victory lap around the chair as their friends continue to clap and cheer!!! It is a win, win situation for all!!