Friday, November 4, 2011

Musical Chairs With a Lesson and a Spin!

We play many games during the school year, but musical chairs seems to be the most requested game by my students. Along with the fun of musical chairs we always have disappointment and tears for those who do not get a chair, so I decided I would do a little spin on this game that would make it different and would be a lesson in "Sportsmenship" too!
I always give a little pep talk about being a good sport and I choose to give "Caught Being Good Coins" at the end of the game as long as everybody has a good attitude!
So how we play the game is that the person who does NOT get a chair when the music stops gets a "Clapper" to clap to the music and cheer for their friends as they continue the game. As more children are eliminated from the cirlce of chairs our clapper team grows bigger and louder and it is a hoot to watch!!!
 The last person who is left with the chair does a victory lap around the chair as their friends continue to clap and cheer!!! It is a win, win situation for all!!


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