Friday, December 9, 2011


This week Teea Timer's sampled Chocolate, Strawberry and White milk and we recorded the data on our charts and we had a wonderful milkilicious time doing it too!!!
I got all the data sheets and graphs from Teachers Pay Teachers and this made it very simple, and Deanna Jump did an awesome job putting all this adorable curriculum together!!! I am finding out how muchTeachers Pay Teachers makes life so much easier for me!!!

After tasting and recording our class favorites the students took forms home to do a little "family/friends survey" to see what type of milk they liked the best too! As the students bring their "homework" back, we record the data and we will determine which flavor get the most and least votes!!!

Here is what one of my parents had to say about the assignment: I LOVED the milk school project. It was amazing to see how Nolan wrote the names of everyone he asked about their favorite kind of milk. We wrirte things but to see that list of names was awesome! We were so impressed!!! Thanks for everything you do for him :-)

This project was fun, tasty and simple as we did some "preschool" math and envolved family and friends as well!!!

AND THE WINNER IS.............



Cierra said...

Very cute and fun project!

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