Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bananagrams Rock At Teea Time!!!

 BANANAGRAM'S...what can I say! I love them! Anytime I want to de-stress I will play the game all by myself (a little banana-solitaire). Love playing the game with my family, but mostly I love BANANAGRAM'S in my preschool!!!

So I put the Bananagram’s on the table at the beginning of class with the student name tags on the table. They were instructed to find their name tag first and then they were ready to go on a “Letter Hunt” and find the letters in their own name. It was fun to watch and as the kids were hunting for a certain letter in their name and “accidently” ran across a different letter, recognizing that it belonged in their name too, it became somewhat of a puzzle being put together and they were thrilled with the end results. The best part was when they began to sound out some of the letters and put other words together too. One of my students exclaimed. “Teacher Kelly I spelled ‘MAT’….Look, look!!!”

Bananagrams will be readily accessible at all times for my Teea Timer’s to “play” with ;)

What a fabulous STOCKING STUFFER!!!


Anonymous said...

I may need to borrow my 10 year old's Bananagrams for a center in my preschool classroom. Thanks for the idea.

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