Friday, December 16, 2011


Our activity bag is a very simple project for you to mainly review with your child the letters and numbers we have covered so far this year. If your child is a Pre-Kindergarten student this is mostly for you to see where your child is at and what letters you need to work on at home as we continue to review at school too.

The sounds the letters make are taught simultaneously so in February we can begin to put the sounds together and begin the reading process.

Directions: Give your child the Santa Train Engine and let them build the train by adding the train cars as they recognize the letters and tell you what the letter sound is. Talk about different words that begin with that letter and emphasize the beginning sound the letter makes in each word. (Refer back to the December newsletter for other ideas and activities you can do with your child to help them remember the letters they are learning.

Don’t forget to review their numbers too by adding them to their Santa Train!!!
Activity Bags and content are to be returned to Teea Time Playschool after Christmas break, but  if you are interested in making your own Santa Express Train check out the link below by Angela Bergman


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