Monday, September 5, 2011


September 2011

Letters : We will talk about the alphabet as a whole. Listen to Alphabet Song Track #1 Important Vocabulary: BIG LINE, LITTLE LINE, BIG CURVE LITTLE CURVE!!!

Numbers/Math: Same & Different; In & Out; Counting With Meaning; Sort By Color; Comparing Size; Before & After & Understanding How Many.

Shapes : Introduce Shapes & focus on Circle & we will also be meeting Mat Man!!!

Colors : Red - Rojo

Off to School: The children will learn about school and what takes place there throughout this theme. They will learn the importance of their names, sharing, and friends.

Apples Everywhere: Apples, apples, everywhere apples! Learn all about the different types of apples, how they grow, and the different foods that can be made with them!

Dinosaur Daze: Dinosaurs lived long ago, but children still enjoy learning about them! Types of dinosaurs and fossils will be introduced and examined.

Dates to Remember:

Birthday’s: Ava & Josie!!
September 6th first day of school
September 11th is Grandparent’s Day
September 23rd first day of Autumn


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