Friday, September 23, 2011


My students had a wonderful time last week with our Dinosaur theme! Even the girls got into the fun being Paleontologist’s & digging for bones (see cute necklaces’ we made), playing in the science center tub using the cool tools and making their own dino’s to take home! Each dinosaur was named after the students such as, “Donnysaurus”!

For the science center, I was thrilled to find the dinosaur “Skelton’s” at the Dollar Store…perfect to bury so the students could use the magnifying class & the little paint brushes to sweep the dirt away! Also, at the Dollar Store we purchased doggy chew toys that made excellent dinosaur bones to bury in the sandbox & throughout the playground for a bone hunt!

We counted and sorted dinosaurs by color & had fun marching them in a parade across the table.

The BIG dinosaur feet topped it off as they stomped around the room with their cute little ROARS!!!


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