Wednesday, March 7, 2012


In February we had Dental Awareness week and two of our sweet preschool mommies work for my wonderful dentist and these two moms put together the fabulous goodie bags and a dental awareness program for my Teea Timers, and as you seen in the previous posts my students had a terrific time learning all about their teeth!

As a way to say thanks to Dr. Tomlinson, Kathleen and Tasha I decided to make a different kind of thank you card to give the office as a keep sake and a reminder of how people like them make a difference in a preschoolers life, after all I now have 3 and 4 year olds who want to grow up to be a dentist!!!!

So I took a pattern of a tooth and had each of the kids sign their name on one side of the big tooth.

On the backside I wrote what the student’s favorite thing was about Dental Awareness Day.

I laminated the teeth, punched a hole in each of them and put them on a ring with a happy tooth smiley face on the front.


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