Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Teea Timers are working on the “AT” family words and I wanted to show you some of the props we have been using.

These are simple color samples from Home Depot. My students love the mouse heads! I wrote on the head the uppercase letter and on the ear the same letter in lowercase and the "AT" word on the solid matching color cards for a matching game we are playing too.

Still using the mouse head letter cards I also wrote the "AT" word on large popsicle sticks so they could have a different way to play games and sound out the words.

I fliped the popsicle sticks over and actually wrote the "AT" words on the sticks for them to match the words with the beginning letter cards.

I also took some of the little foam blocks I had purchased at the Dollar Store and used a marker to write the "At" Family words, using the same color for the "A" and the "T" I wrote those letters on all sides of the block so no matter how they roll the dice those letters would come up and the other letters would roll randomly so they could put the letters together to form the word and sound the word out!


smgaitan said...

I love this cute idea. Some of my preschoolers are showing signs of readiness to move onto things other than letters and sounds so I was going to try some word family work. I am sure they will love playing a game like this!
I just started a new blog this month and its slowly coming into play... ck it out if you ever have time! Thanks!


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