Saturday, February 11, 2012

Light Box Sensory Fun!!!

Two clear plastic tubs

One white rope light

Tin Foil

Translucent Jewels (Discount School Supply)

Translucent Beads (Discount School Supply)

Translucent cups (Wal-Mart Baby Section)

Translucent spoons (Wal-Mart Baby Section)

Pipe Cleaners/String

Tub #1 cut a hole in one end of the container for the rope light cord and put the coiled rope in the bottom of the tub after lining the container completely with tin foil for reflective purposes.

Fill tub #2 with tons of translucent jewels, letters, beads, pipe cleaners, string, cups and spoons.

Place tub #2 on top of tub #1, plug rope light in and now you are ready to have a ton of fun scooping, stacking and stringing beads in a fun, colorful, lit container!!!


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