Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our new dramatic play area turned into a multiple purpose health care system. Depending on the group or individual child determined if the area is a DOCTOR OFFICE, HOSPITAL, DENTAL OFFICE or VETENARY OFFICE.

The Vetenary Office was truly created by the students who asked for the stuffed animals to play with also. I have a few students who are huge animal lovers and it was a perfect fit.

On the other hand I have students who have younger siblings and were well aware of the routine for “Well Baby Check Up’s” and wanted to pretend they were pediatricians.

We have a “Waiting Room,” Reception area, Hearing Aid Center and the list goes on!

I purchased, printed and laminated all the signs, name tags, insurance cards, prescription pads etc… from two different sources from TPT. (See links below)

The hospital was fun as the children pretended to go to the Emergency Room for their broken bones and bloody knees to get patched up and casted. The cutest thing was when they pushed each other around on a chair, pretending it was a wheel chair. Brilliant minds a work!!! (See link below)

Beyond all I want to thank Kathleen Swenson and Dr. Tomlinson for donating the x-ray light box and x-ray’s to our school!!!! This was very generous and one of the best learning tools ever!!!


Melissa O. said...

Can't wait to try these next year now that I get to have dramatic pay in my classroom. I see the Word Time parrot! We will be using Word Time too, how do you like it?

Ms. Kelly said...

Melissa I love Word Time and so do my students, but I personally think any product from Handwritting w/o Tears is good stuff!

Thanks for leaving a comment!

Michelle Rist said...

These pictures are just precious! Thanks for the links to the products!

Margaret@GrowingPlay said...

So happy to see some of our printable prop pages in use! Looks like the kids had a great time. Love that light box - nice donation!

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